About Us

About J. Nina and Sons Plumbing and Heating:

J. Nina and Sons Plumbing and Heating LLC. is a New Jersey licensed plumbing company that was founded in 2014.  Our clients come from all parts of New Jersey.  This company offers complete plumbing and heating services for a variety of job types.  Some of the following services offered include: single family homes to multi-dwelling units, commercial projects, as well as educational and religious facilities.  

Core Beliefs: 

J. Nina and Sons Plumbing and Heating, LLC.has one vital purpose which is to provide customer satisfaction. Customers are always right.  We provide high quality, efficient new installations and repairs.  As a company, we believe in team work; our clients play an integral role in the services provided.   In order to create a strong bond with each client, it is imperative to create an environment where effective communication between the client and professional plumbers take place in order to meet the necessary demands. 

About the Owner:

J. Nina and Sons Plumbing and Heating, LLC, Master Plumber owner, Juan Nina, has 12 years of extensive experience in new construction and service plumbing.  Mr. Nina is an honest and dedicated professional who has considerable knowledge and expertise in providing advice and plumbing solutions to customers. Owner, Mr. Nina was first introduced to this specialized field as a plumber’s assistant in the early 2000s.  After 2 years of working in the plumbing industry, Mr. Nina decided to pursue a career in plumbing. Hence, he enrolled in a five year apprenticeship program in Bergen County, NJ.  As an apprentice, Mr. Nina aspired to be a master plumber someday and start his own plumbing business.  After Mr. Nina obtained his Master Plumbing license in 2013, he began to pursue his ultimate dream to commence his own plumbing business.  

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Fully Insured
Plumber Lic #13081 / HVACR Lic#2522